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Discover our best-selling Lavender and Rosemary Coconut Shell Candle, a sustainable choice for eco-conscious enthusiasts!


Housed in a natural coconut shell, this candle features three wicks for an even, soothing burn.


Meticulously crafted with a blend of coconut oil and beeswax for a clean burn and sustainable candle.


It's delicately adorned with a light decor of crushed dried roses and lavender flowers, enhancing its aromatic blend of calming lavender and refreshing rosemary.


The combined scents of lavender and rosemary create a wonderful calming and soothing synergy that eases your tension, while heightening alertness.


This beautifully crafted candle not only adds a touch of serene elegance to your home but also promotes a greener, cleaner environment.


Each bowl is natural and handmade so measurements will vary slightly but they are roughly 5”-5.5” in dIameter and 2.5-3.5” deep. These candles hold roughly 14 oz - 16 oz.


Candle decor is safe to remain while the candle is burning as long as the decor doesn’t float too close to the flame before it becomes saturated in wax. Decor should always be moved or removed as needed. Use your judgement accordingly.


As always, each candle is hand poured and hand crafted.


Trim wick regularly for optimal candle health. Refer to candle care card with purchase.

Lavender & Rosemary Coconut Shell Candle

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