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Welcome to the Sensational Scents and Vessels Collection!


Introducing…Mango Tuberose


Mango is tropical and welcoming. The sweet scent has a calming effect on the mind. It helps to elevate mood, stabilize the nervous system and promotes relaxation.


Tuberose is a popular floral note in perfumery. It often adds depth and complexity to fragrances. It is sweet and intoxicating with notes of jasmine and gardenia. Tuberose is used for stress relief.


This scent combo helps to:


✔️Eliminate bad odors

✔️Relieve stress and anxiety


▪️Wax: USDA Organic Coconut oil & all natural beeswax

▪️Fragrance: All natural, plant based essential oils

▪️Wick: Eco cotton wick

▪️Vessel: 8 oz vintage inspired glass


No synthetic fragrances, dyes or chemically treated wax.


Hand poured and hand crafted by yours truly!


⭐️ Note: You will receive a candle care card with your order. Please read carefully and ensure to follow accordingly for optimal candle health.

Mango Tuberose Candle

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