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Introducing our delightful all natural dessert candle, crafted to bring a touch of fun to your space!

This unique candle features whipped wax for a fluffy, creamy appearance, adorned with vibrant strawberry wax embeds. The crowning touch is a sprinkling of beeswax cookie crumble, adding a delightful texture and visual appeal.

The vessel used for this one is a 16 oz glass jar.

Made with USDA Organic coconut oil and pure beeswax, this candle not only looks good enough to eat but also burns cleanly and evenly.

The rich purple berries, infused with indigo powder, and the sunny yellow hue of natural beeswax create a beautiful and harmonious color palette.

The whip is scented with all natural steam distilled cinnamon essential oil. The beeswax cookie crumble as well as the bottom yellow half of the candle will produce a clean natural honey-like scent.

Light this candle to enjoy a warm, cozy ambiance with the comforting scent of natural ingredients and the fun of looking at a delicious dessert slowly melt!

Perfect for gifting or treating yourself to a little indulgence.

⭐️ Note: please burn candle on a protective surface in the event of wax drips.

Whipped Topping Dessert Candle

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